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Pathologische Anatomie & Dissectie


This is the abandoned ‘Pathologische Anatomie & Dissectie’ or PAD department at the Gent University Hospital. Students abandoned the laboratories in 2015. The hospital ordered the demolishing of the building some years later.

This huge building housed the departments of Pathology and Dissection of the UZ Gent. Pathology is the part of medicine whose mission it is to make diagnoses and to confirm on the basis of cellular material and tissue fragments. Overall, this research is mainly done with the aid of the microscope. This eight-floor building was full of laboratories, classrooms and a big dissecting room with different slabs. In essence, the building combines the services of a hospital with the education of medical students and with medical research.

In 2015 the department moved to a brand-new building. Today, students can practice in a new dissection room with 30 dissection tables. As a result, this one was left abandoned. The building was cleaned in the following months and the building was eventually demolished in 2019. I visited the ‘Pathologische Anatomie & Dissectie’ in 2016. If you like this, also check these locations.

Built ?
Abandoned 2015
Demolished 2019
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