Lainière Intexal Cambrai


‘Lainiere Intexal Cambrai’ is a wool mill in the North of France owned by the Prouvost Group. The factory was built in 1955 and eventually abandoned in 2004. Later the factory was demolished.

The Romanian textile company Prouvost, world leader in spinning and weaving wool, is booming. In fact, they want to enlarge the knitwear department and are looking for available land. They found it in French city Cambrai. In 1955 Prouvost completed the construction of the factory, initially named ‘Jersey Diminués du Cambrésis’. Meanwhile, barely a year after the opening, the factory already had 300 workers. The company employed about 4,500 people during its most successful years. Specifically, clothing with the brands Rodier, Korrigan and Stem were produced here.

In 1969 a huge fire destroys a part of the factory. It took the firefighters at least two days to master it.

The factory situated in the center of Cambrai was closed in 2004 to move to a better location outside the city. At the time of closing, there were only 130 employees left.

The factory was temporarily used as a clothing outlet store for the last few years, but was the building was eventually abandoned in 2004. These photos of ‘La Lainiere Intexal’ were taken in 2012. Follow this link or more abandoned textile factories.

Built 1955
Abandoned 2004
Burned down 2014