Cotonificio Roberto Ferrari


‘Cotonificio Roberto Ferrari’ is an abandoned textile factory in Palazzolo sull’Oglio. In 1992 the factory moved to a new spot on the other side of town. The abandoned factory was used for illegal rave parties.

The story of Roberto Ferrari dates back to 1919, when he set up a socks factory in Palazzolo sull’Oglio. This new textile mill shortly became a company of national and international relevance, with manpower coming from all regions of central and southern Italy.

In the postwar period the company specialized itself in cotton spinning and twisting. Later the Ferrari company expanded the range of production, from standard yarns to fancy cotton yarns. Fancy because the using of blends with wool, silk, linen, and other fibers. Eventually it became an international success. As a result the company was establishing itself as a dynamic company.

In 1992 the factory moved to a new spot on the other side of town. At the present time a modern factory in the province of Brescia produces about 1.5 million kilogram of yarn. It produces mainly cotton melange, but also fancy yarns in various blends. The abandoned factory was used a couple of times for illegal rave parties. I visited ‘Cotonificio Roberto Ferrari’ in 2010 during my Italian road trip. Follow this link for more abandoned locations in Italy.

Built 1919
Abandoned 1992
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