Acciaierie e Ferriere di Crema P. Stramezzi

Built: 1913

Abandoned: 1994

Visited: 2010

Crema, Italy

This steelwork in Crema was founded in 1913 by Paolo Stramezzi, who inherited a small pre-existing horseshoe factory built in 1883. In 1917 the factory used an area of 4.000 square meters. During the 1920s, the ironworks did very well. A new factory was built and the canteen and dressing rooms were modernized. In 1929 the complete area reached 20.000 square meters, surrounded by a 3 km wall. Late 1938 the company name was modified into ‘Acciaieria e Ferriera di Crema P. Stramezzi’. During WW II air bombings destroyed the factory and machineries, forcing the management to dismiss everybody because of the production stop. After the war in 1946 the factory was slowly rebuilt and renovated. Three years later a Siemens-Martin oven was installed, using methane as fuel, which was recently discovered in the region.

After two decades of prosperous growth the steelworks began to feel the effects of the 1970s steel crisis. In 1986 the steelworks was sold to a consortium of Italian entrepreneurs, resulting in the new name ‘Acciaieria e Ferriera di Crema’. It was finally closed in 1994 after many struggles with labor unions.

Photos Acciaierie e Ferriere di Crema P. Stramezzi

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