Laboratoire d’Anatomie & Cytologie Pathologiques


The ‘Laboratoire d’Anatomie & Cytologie Pathologiques’ is the abandoned mortuary of the Clinique La Tourelle.

Mainly the building was used for the purpose to do research on recent deceased people. For example to investigate the reason of death. In addition it was the hospital morgue. The small building includes an entrance hall with access to the autopsy and body preparation room, the fridge room and a family room. Meanwhile the mortuary moved to a more modern part of the hospital. Clinique La Tourelle is part of the hospital CHR Verviers.

These photos of the morgue were taken during my two visits in 2014. Eventually the building was reconverted in 2015. In fact the ‘Laboratoire d’Anatomie & Cytologie Pathologiques’ has become a bicycle parking for the staff of the hospital. Also check this morgue in Antwerp.

Built ?
Abandoned 2013
Reconverted 2015

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