Clinique Le Valdor

Abandoned: 2014

Visited: 2014

Liège, Belgium

During the 17th century, many poor patients were refused in the Liège hospitals. Pierre-Paul de Valdor cared for these people and established a brotherhood that was inspired by Charles Borromeus. The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo was founded and a guesthouse was established. The initial guesthouse did not appear to be adequate after a while. A new hospital was built in 1898.


In 2005 I visited the old Valdor hospital. The old buildings, abandoned for more than 15 years were partly demolished in 2007. The old facade is still there today, with a huge modern hospital building behind it. This Clinique Le Valdor, next door, became the new main hospital when the old buildings were demolished in 2005. The activities moved in 2013 back to the original site, the renovated buildings. Clinique Le Valdor was demolished not long after it was abandoned.

Photos Clinique Le Valdor

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