Hôpital du Valdor


‘Hôpital du Valdor’ is located in Liège in the neighborhood of Amercœur. It was originally a hospice for the elderly and disabled. Today, it has become a hospital establishment, but remains specialized in geriatrics and rehabilitation.

During the 17th century, many poor patients were refused in the Liège hospitals. Pierre-Paul de Valdor cared for these people and therefore established a brotherhood that was inspired by Charles Borromeus. For this reason, he did build a guesthouse. The initial guesthouse did not appear to be adequate after a while. Eventually, a new hospital was built in 1898. The building has big halls, large corridors with high ceilings and uncountable doors. As can be seen, the neoclassical castle-like hospital has everything you need for a good thriller.


In 1954 the guesthouse was divided into a retirement home and a hospital for the chronically ill. During 1967 a new building was put into use on the same site, and in 1987 the old buildings were abandoned. Within the almost 20 years of abandonment, ‘Hôpital du Valdor’ has been a playground for youth and thieves. During its vacancy, many wooden and tile floors are stolen. Also, the front of the building, including the chapel, is in bad condition. Nature is taking over. Not only plants, even trees, grow through the walls of the hospital. However, the old facade and chapel were saved from demolition. Behind these old walls is a modern hospital built. It is specialized in geriatrics and revalidation. I visited the abandoned hospital in 2005. This hospital is one of the classics of the urban exploring scene.

Built 1889
Abandoned 1987
Reconverted 2006
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