Quinta do Conde de Sucena


‘Quinta do Conde de Sucena’ is an abandoned farm and park in Portugal. The buildings have beautiful Azulejos on the walls. However, the building is in a bad state, the ceramic tiles are still in good condition.

This site was built by the 1st Count of Sucena. It is situated near the central square of a small town in Portugal. The count, named José Rodrigues de Sucena, was born in 1850. He grew up in modest surroundings in a modest family of farmers. At the young age of 17, he moved to Brazil to become a businessman. He became a rich man selling clothing and religious items.

The count married Dona Rufina Gomersor, a distinguished lady, niece of the President of Uruguay. They were friends with King Carlos I of Portugal, together they frequently visited estates and palaces in the country. Especially the romantic settings of Sintra, that influenced the construction of this masterpiece. He dedicated about a third of his farm to the implantation of the idyllic garden, complete with beautiful artificial caves. The count died in 1925, leaving the castle to his son.

The garden has underground hallways connecting the manor house, farm, and the garden. These photos of ‘Quinta do Conde de Sucena’ were taken in 2018.

Built 1870s
Abandoned 1980s

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