Locomotivas da Linha do Corgo


These are the old locomotives of the Linha do Corgo, abandoned at Régua Station. The Corgo Line, originally called the Corgo Valley Line, was a rail link between the Régua Station on the Douro Line and the town of Chaves in Portugal.

These locomotives were manufactured by the German company Henschel & Sohn, with the first four units being built in 1910. These were the first Mallet-type locomotives in Portugal. They were owned by ‘Companhia do Caminho de Ferro do Porto à Póvoa e Famalicão’. A Portuguese company that built and operated train lines in the north of the country. Later the company merged with other lines to Comboios de Portugal, or CP, the national railway company.

The rusty locomotives are numbered CP E201, E208, and E210. Due to a lack of funds for restoration, they are currently for sale. In contrast, another Henschel Mallet, the CP E214, constructed in 1923 in Kassel, has been restored. Alongside these steam engines, there is also a modern Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) manufactured by Duro Dakovic.

In 2011 the Linha do Corgo was closed for maintenance, but it was never opened for trains again. The line was officially closed in October 2011. These photos of the Locomotivas da Linha do Corgo were taken in 2018. Check out my other train graveyard reports made in Belgium, France, and Poland.

Built 1910
Abandoned 2011
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