Hotel Kurpark


This is ‘Hotel Kurpark’ an old abandoned hotel in a small German health village Bad Meinberg. This village has for many years been one of the most famous German spa resorts with medicinal springs.

The historic Kurpark am See, spanning 6.25 hectares, was established circa 1770. Hermann Niemeyer revived the park in 1955, modeling it after a baroque complex. Central to the park is a gas spring, known as a mofetta, which was once erroneously thought to be a water spring. Mofettes, depending on their mineral vapor content, may serve therapeutic functions. Since carbon dioxide is denser than air, it enables a form of dry spa treatment, provided that specific safety measures are observed.

Until now, the park, which was once strictly designed with geometric precision, has seen many changes. Over time, numerous hotels and guesthouses have sprung up around the park to accommodate the influx of tourists. However, in the year 2000, the construction of two modern hotel complexes in the city posed challenges for the older establishments. Consequently, a number of these older hotels went bankrupt and had to shut down.

In 2018, I made these photos of the abandoned Hotel Kurpark. More abandoned hotels here, here and here.

Built 1922
Abandoned 2015
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