Budget Kurhotel


This was a small abandoned Budget Kurhotel in the German spa town Bad Meinberg. A Dutch family ran the hotel. Inside, nature is taken over.

Many years this town has been one of the most famous spa resorts with medicinal springs in Germany. Therefore, many hotels were built around the park with a gas spring or mofette, which used to be mistaken for a spring of water. Also, the natural sulphur moor was seen as a remedy for several illnesses. All in all, the town was a famous touristic attraction for the elderly.

In 2000 two huge modern hotel complexes were built in Bad Meinberg, consequently making life difficult for the owners of older and smaller hotel. As a result, several of them went bankrupt and the Dutch owners of this hotel were forced to close its doors. The hotel consists of two buildings. One part is still pretty clean. But the other building is completely overgrown by moss, even plants started growing inside. It is probably not abandoned for that long, however, the water damage made it decay quickly.

Photos of this Budget Kurhotel were taken in 2017. Also check this more luxury hotel in the same town. The hotel was demolished in December 2021.

Built in 1965
Abandoned in 2010
Demolished 2021
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