Ośrodek Kolonii Letnich


‘Ośrodek Kolonii Letnich’ is an abandoned summer camp resort in Poland. It belonged to one of the largest charity organization in Poland. Every year, several hundred children from Poland and Lithuania enjoyed their holiday here.

The history of these Polish children camps go back to the end of the 19th century. At that time, the camps were used by the poor people from the bigger industrial cities in Poland. During the Polish People’s Republic times the camps were owned by state-companies who offered the employers’ children a vacation in the woods, in the mountains or at sea. In those days, it would be difficult to find a child who had not spent their holidays in summer camps. It was a mass form of recreation for young people. The Polish Scouting, sport clubs and youth organizations contributed to the popularization of summer camps.

The complex consists of several residential pavilions, a main building, a theater, and a playground. I visited ‘Ośrodek Kolonii Letnich’ in 2017. Also check this other nearby summer camp.

Built 1947
Abandoned 1995

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