Kurklinik Am Bomberg

Built: 1990

Abandoned: 1996

Visited: 2013

Bad Pyrmont, Germany

This abandoned clinic is the old ‘Kurklinik Am Bomberg’. It was built in 1990 to treat Rheumatism. It was situated on the hill Bomberg in the village Bad Pyrmont.

The clinic consists of four parts and is located on a plot of 5.700 m². The bed house was built in 1990 and has three floors and a basement. The main building and the hotel tower of nine floors, were built in the late 1970s and renovated in the 1990s. The buildings were constructed as a luxury hotel. It had a big restaurant, a swimming pool and 125 rooms with a beautiful view over a green valley. In the basement there were different policlinics for the health care services. There was also an Internal medicine department.


In 1996 the clinic was closed. The derelict buildings partly burned down in 2013, shortly after my visit. In 2014, plans for a new clinic were presented to the building committee. 142 beds and work for about 80 employees gave reason for hope. But until today there are no signs of works on the site.

Photos Kurklinik Am Bomberg

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