Almivita Nutrição Animal


Explore the Almivita Nutrição Animal food factory in the center of Portugal. After 50 years the factory was left abandoned, after a bankruptcy.

Almivita, was a prominent name in Portugal’s agricultural sector. It has long been synonymous with quality feed for farm animals. Specializing in nourishing domestic animals, particularly livestock, Almivita has carved out a reputation for providing essential nutrition to support animal husbandry practices across the country.

Feed grains

With a diverse range of feed grains such as wheat, oats, barley, and rice, among others, Almivita ensures a balanced diet tailored to the specific needs of different livestock species. These grains serve as vital sources of energy, protein, and essential nutrients crucial for the health and productivity of farm animals.

In 2007 the company went bankrupt and the buildings were abandoned.


In the yard we found three classic trucks, a Scania LBT, and both a Volvo N10 and a Volvo F89. The three trucks are rusting away. At the present time, the factory and the 0,6 hectare ground is for sale for 214,000 euro.

I took these photos of the abandoned ‘Almivita Nutrição Animal’ during my roadtrip in Portugal in 2018. Check also these reports of cattle food factories in Belgium and Germany.

Built 1955
Abandoned 2007
For sale
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