Maison Francine


Exploring Maison Francine, an abandoned house along the main road in the middle of a small village in Belgium. 

Nestled along the main road of a quaint village in Belgium lies Maison Francine, an abandoned house frozen in time. This derelict dwelling, once bustling with life, now stands silent and forgotten.

Upon stepping inside Maison Francine, one is greeted by a scene straight out of a bygone era. Besides the central heating, each room in this rundown house had a stove. However, the house hasn’t been warmed up in ages. It is a testament to the days when warmth and comfort filled these walls.

The passage of time has not been kind to the old abandoned house. Mold creeps across the walls like ivy, claiming the living room and other ground floor rooms as its own. The once vibrant colors of the wallpaper have faded into a muted palette, obscured by the encroaching decay. In the living room, an ancient radio sits atop a dusty shelf, its crackling static a ghostly echo of past broadcasts. Rows of books line the shelves, their pages yellowed with age and coated in a layer of mold. Once cherished tales now lie forgotten, their stories lost to the passage of time.

I visited Maison Francine in February 2018. Read here about more abandoned houses.

Built 1960s
Abandoned 2010
Demolished 2019
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