Casa de Papel


Casa de Papel is an abandoned paper factory in Portugal. After 80 years of making paper, the factory closed its doors.

The Paper Factory of Góis was founded in 1821 by brothers José Joaquim de Paula and Manuel Joaquim de Paula. It was the only industry in the municipal at that time. At the start, the production was small, mainly because there was not enough water to power the water-operated machines.

A new factory was founded and built on this site in 1912. It was built by Francisco Inácio Dias Nogueira, a politician and entrepreneur.

The factory ‘Casa de Papel’ was very important for the technological development in the region, since it was necessary to build the Monte Redondo Hydroelectric Plant, which allowed Góis to own public electricity even before the district capital Coimbra.

During the summer of 1971 a new hall and production line was built on the other side of the river, providing 40 new jobs. Making the number of employees 270.

The paper company was bought in 1992 by the ‘Companhia Papel Porto Cavaleiros’. The new group closed down the Góis plant, leaving an empty and abandoned industrial complex. The photos of Casa de Papel are taken in 2018.

Built in 1912
Abandoned in 1992

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