Marien Hospital Kirchhörde


In 1957 this ‘Marien Hospital’ in Kirchhörde. It was built as a local Catholic hospital, run by Franciscan nuns. The hospital was abandoned in 2005 and later demolished.

The hospital was originally named ‘St. Bonifatius-Florian und Meta Klöckner Krankenhaus’. The famous business-family Klöckner donated the ground for the construction. Initially there were 43 beds, but the capacity quickly grew to 263 beds. The hospital in Kirchhörde was run by the nuns of the ‘Franziskanerinen von der Heiligen Familie’. Kirchhörde is a district in Dortmund-Hombruch.

Clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy

Meanwhile in 1979 the buildings were sold. New owner was the ‘Catholic Marien Hospital Dortmund-Hombruch’ who thereafter opened a clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy. The hospital housed a day clinic and an internist ward. Later it became part of the ‘St Johannes-Gesellschaft‘ and the hospital was moved to the more modern buildings in the city Hombruch in 2005. As a result this old hospital in Dortmund was abandoned.

The Franciscans, who still owned the land, sold it in 1998. Eventually a local construction company bought the site in 2010. At the present time the hospital is gone and there are houses built on the former hospital site. I visited this abandoned hospital in 2009 during one of my German road trips. Follow this link for more abandoned hospitals.

Built 1957
Abandoned 2005
Demolished 2013
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