Manoir à la Verrière

Built: 1905

Abaondoned: 2010

Visited: 2013


This abandoned villa ‘Manoir à la Verrière’ or ‘Chateau Lumiere’ is hidden in a quiet french town. It is a neo-baroque style mansion built 1900’s by a wealthy tobacco heir of Swiss decent. Chateau Lumiere is still in immaculate condition. Impressive is the ornate stairway, leading up to a glowing sky-lit parlor. The 900m² residence counts approximately thirty rooms.


After the owner died in the late 1950’s the Chateau Lumiere was sold several times to a private party. But today the building is left abandoned due to the expensive work for the maintenance of the mansion. Although there is a Historical Protection order on the property its future remains uncertain.

Photos Manoir à la Verrière

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