Built: 1883

Abandoned: 1991

Visited: 2015

Tura, Hungary

The very first mention of the village Tura is dated 1220, it housed the Board of noble families. In 1873 local businessman and baron Sigmund Schossberger bought the property. The castle was ready 1883 and used as a summer residence. It was designed by the famous architect Miklós Ybl, who is also the designer of the Budapest Opera House.

In 1906, the important musical composer Béla Bartók lived here. During the Second World War German officers used the castle for housing. It was used as a war hospital in 1945. In 1946, it became a primary school. It was named a national monument in 1958.


It was a primary school until 1973, after which it was abandoned. It became owned by a public company and has been sold and bought several times since the 1980’s.

Today the castle is abandoned. For a small fee you can visit it. It is also rented for filming, the 2008 movie The Secret of Moonacre was shot here. The new owner intends to transform Castle Schossberger into a five star hotel. They will add a second wing, and a conference room, a luxury restaurant and over 100 rooms. Hopefully this will never happen as it should remain a national monument open to the public.

Photos Schossberger-kastély

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