Laminoirs et Usines du Ruau

Built: 1910

Abandoned: 2010

Visited: 2015


This is an abandoned rolling mill in Charleroi. The mill manufactured metal joints for building constructions. The factory was founded in 1863 by Industrialist M. Constant-Bonehill.

After a reorganization in 1905 the factory was renamed ‘Laminoirs et Boulonnerie du Ruau’. In that time it also made bolts for industrial use. The factory was dismantled during the First Word War and bombed in 1944. It was rebuilt in 1945 and enlarged in 1949. In 1958 the factory stopped the production of bolts and was renamed ‘Laminoirs et Usines du Ruau’. It closed its doors in 2011 when the factory still employed 110 people. In thirty years the number of workers has been divided by three.

Photos Laminoirs et Usines du Ruau

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