Built: 1760

Abandoned: 1999

Museum: 2016

Visited: 2015

Tata, Hungary

This castle was built form 1760 to 1776 by architect Jakab Fellner. Fellner was the most important Baroque architect of his generation in Hungary. It was built for Nikolaus I, Prince Esterházy, a Hungarian prince and member of the famous Esterházy family. His building of palaces, extravagant clothing, and taste for opera and other grand musical productions led to his being given the title “the Magnificent”. He is remembered as the principal employer of the composer Joseph Haydn.


After the Second World War the castle came in Soviet hands. Most of the inventory is stolen and the buildings are transformed into a hospital. The last years, until 1999, the buildings were in use as a psychiatric hospital.

In 2015 works started to bring back the old grandeur, today it is a museum.

Photos Esterházy-kastély

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