Fresno de Torote

fresno-de-torote-21Fresno de Torote, Madrid, Spain

Built in: 15th century

Abandoned in: 1970

Visited 04 2012

Just east of this abandoned village the first houses of Fresno de Torote were built in the fifteenth century by the Marquis of Santillana. Many generations later the town was owned by a Marchioness and later by her son. The town housed workers of the Mendoza farm. The workers didn’t owned the houses but could live there as long as they worked on the farm.

The village located in a narrow valley formed by the river Torote, had about forty-five houses, a church, a chapel and a school. There lived many farmers, Fresno had many horses, sheep and cows. Also there was a big agricultural area with wheat and barley.

The emerging industry in the 1960s became the end of Fresno. Young people moved to Madrid where they earned higher salaries and could own their own homes. Also the farms were more modern, people were replaced by machines. By 1970 the town is mostly abandoned. Only some farmers stay. Today the town is owned by a farmer who uses a couple of buildings. Most of the town is rotting away. Houses are in a very bad state and many roofs have collapsed.