Hospital de Tuberculosos de La Tablada

Built: 1936

Abandoned: 1937

Visited: 2012

Guadarrama, Madrid, Spain

The construction of this sanatorium began in 1936, but the Spanish Civil War made it difficult to built. The building site is damaged bad and many construction workers died in these war years.


In the 1950s they are rebuilding the hospital. The number of tuberculosis patients were growing and the government wanted to stop it before the illness became epidemic. Again many accidents happened on the building site. People talk about the ‘Black Legend’ of the hospital.

In 2000 the hospital was used for the horror movie ‘School Killer’. The movie started an interest for this building and its legend by ghost hunters. The building was never taken in use. Today the hospital is still the same as the day the workers left the site.

Photos Hospital de Tuberculosos de La Tablada

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