Sanatorio de La Barranca


‘Sanatorio de La Barranca’ is an abandoned sanatorium in Navacerrada, Spain. After more than 50 years the hospital is abandoned and left to nature and looters.

Around 1940 the Spanish Ministry of Health built several sanatoriums around Madrid. In particular they were built on isolated places in the woods to cure tuberculosis, leprosy, polio, fibrosis and lung cancer. Until the discovery of penicillin, fresh air and sunlight was the best treatment.

The health building was also named ‘Sanatorio del Santo Ángel’. It was built following the standard hospital architecture of the time. Specifically it was arranged in two large main wings with some outbuildings and a big basement.

Most sanatoriums in the region are demolished, but ‘Sanatorium de la Barranca’ was converted to a psychiatric hospital in 1962. Eventually in 1995 the hospital was closed and left abandoned. The derelict sanatorium is situated on a hill in a big nature park. Sadly the beauty of the surroundings are the only thing left. To put it differently, the sanatorium is trashed, partly burned and most of the inside is torn down or full with graffiti. I visited ‘Sanatorio de La Barranca’ in 2012.

Built 1941
Abandoned 1995
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