Landkrankenhaus Meißen


This ‘Landkrankenhaus Meißen’, also known as ‘Krankenhaus Weißes Gold is an abandoned hospital in the East of Germany. It was closed some years after the fall of the iron curtain.

The Landkrankenhaus has a history dating back to 1854 when it was established as a modest health facility in Cölln, a district of Meißen. At that time, Cölln’s population was a mere 700, but as the town expanded, so did the hospital. By around 1863, the facility had grown and was renamed ‘Versorg- und Korrektionshaus für Kranke und Arbeitsscheue Personen’.

Latest technology

The newest structure was constructed in 1880 and underwent expansions in 1899 and 1913. At the time, the hospital was outfitted with cutting-edge technology, earning it an excellent reputation. During both World Wars, it functioned as a military hospital and was under Soviet occupation at the conclusion of the Second World War until February 15, 1946.


In 1994 the construction of a new hospital started and was completed in four years. It is a modern, but not very stylish building. The old country hospital has been empty since that time. In 2014, it was the victim of a huge fire, as a result the roof of the old clinic went up in flames completely. I visited ‘Landkrankenhaus Meißen’ in 2016. More abandoned hospitals can be found here.

Built 1880
Abandoned 1994