Sanatorium Ernst Thälmann

Built: 1915

Abandoned: 1995

Visited: 2016


The first tourists spent their summer in this mountain village in 1884. Before the First World War, two sanitoriums, three larger hotels, and numerous bed and breakfasts were built in in this town and it became known as a health resort. During the world wars, these facilities, including Sanatorium Ernst Thälmann, were used as military hospitals.


This sanatorium was established in a former Kurhaus. Later it became the FDGB vacation home. When the building was used as a vacation home the theater was transformed to a gym. Sanatorium Ernst Thälmann was abandoned in the 1990s and still stands there to this day. The sanatorium had two buildings. The front building housed the practice rooms, while the second and bigger building gave room to the kitchen, dining hall and theater.

Photos Sanatorium Ernst Thälmann

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