Åkers – Division Forge

Built: 1910

Abandoned: 2010

Visited: 2016

Liege, Belgium

This is the forging division of a closed down steel factory. Åkers is a steel manufacturing industry that started its business in 1580 in Åkers styckebruk, a Swedish city. Originally a cannon factory, the company today manufactures steel rollers for industry. In 1806 the first roll was made. Today the Åkers group is a worldwide manufacturer with factories in Europe and the USA.


This Åkers factory produced and sold cast and forged rolls and bars for steel industries in the Liege area. When the steel industry in Liege collapsed, this factory went down with the big industries. The factory was demolished in 2018. Also check the other Åkers factory in Liege.

Photos Åkers – Division Forge

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