How To Find Abandoned Places


People ask me often how i find these abandoned urbex locations and other abandoned or lost places. Here is a short how-to that can help you to find your first abandoned location. Remember to prioritize safety, respect local laws, and enjoy the adventure! Happy exploring!

How to find urbex locations in 15 minutes

  • Newspapers

    Check your local newspaper for information on abandoned places. Often, the closure of businesses or other events leads to the abandonment of buildings, and newspapers may cover such stories. Look for articles related to business closures or abandoned properties. You might be surprised by how many derelict buildings exist in your area.

  • Google Search

    Just type in “abandoned places” and a location and search the net.  Experiment with different search terms and languages to find relevant results. You’ll likely come across websites, forums, or blogs that share information about abandoned locations.

  • Google Maps/Earth

    Explore the digital world by using Google Maps or Google Earth. Look for old factories, warehouses, or other structures near train tracks, rivers, or industrial areas. Pay attention to rooftops with holes or signs of decay. If available, switch to street view to get a closer look at potential sites.

  • Urbex map or database

    Some urbex (urban exploration) websites maintain maps or databases of abandoned locations. These platforms often provide details about specific sites, including their history, accessibility, and condition. However, remember not to buy locations from any website or app, exploration should be about discovery and adventure

  • Go out!

    The most crucial step is to get out there and explore. Armed with information from newspapers, online searches, or maps, visit the locations you’ve identified. Take precautions, respect private property, and document your findings. Urbex is an exciting hobby that allows you to uncover hidden gems and capture the beauty of decayed places

Remember, urban exploration can be exciting, but safety comes first. Read this article and use common sense. Enjoy your adventures responsibly! Certainly, it is always feasible to explore within legal boundaries; consult this article for further details.

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