Serviceresidentie Ter Zee Wenduine


‘Serviceresidentie Ter Zee Wenduine’ was a home for aged and needed people. It was demolished to make place for a new building, a service hotel.

The residence was abandoned in 2005 because of danger of collapse of the structure. Consequently 50 residents had to look for a new home. Besides the four floors high building there was also an abandoned chapel on the site. Like the home also the chapel was in a bad state. Eventually both chapel and care home were demolished in 2006.

Eventually a new care home was opened in 2015. The new residence houses 200 people and will has a big restaurant and modern parking cellar. The new building inherited the name of the old one. I took these photos of ‘Serviceresidentie Ter Zee Wenduine’ in 2006, several months before it was demolished. Follow this link for more abandoned care homes.

Built 1900s
Abandoned 2004
Demolished 2006
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