Hotel Fürstenhof


This is the former luxury ‘Hotel Fürstenhof’ in Eisenach, Germany. The complex was used as a hotel for almost 100 years until it was closed and abandoned in 1996.

In 1854, the master butcher Samuel Liebetrau built its summer house on this site. In 1861 Johann Georg Bornemann, a geologist and building contractor, acquired the property and built Villa Bornemann. After his death in 1902 the villa was resold and extended. The ‘Kurhaus Hotel Fürstenhof’ opened on 15 May 1902. Eisenach wanted to become a fashionable spa town.

In 1920 a casino was built on the terrace of the hotel. Unfortunately, the best times of the spa towns were already over. In 1928, a fire destroyed the ballroom. It was rebuilt in a simpler form and could now accommodate up to 2000 guests. Of course, he was also predestined for election events. On 23 October 1932 Adolf Hitler was the main speaker there.

Military rehabilitation center

During the Second World War it was used as a home and rehabilitation center for war wounded soldiers. Miraculously, the building remained undamaged during the Second World War and served as a shelter for the homeless and refugees after the German surrender.

In the following years the hotel was renovated and also used as a location for various cultural, sports and dance events. In the 1950s the house was renamed the ‘Hotel Stadt Eisenach’. Its original name came back in 1991. Eventually the hotel closed in 1996 and has been abandoned ever since. Vandalism and lack of maintenance resulted in a today’s bad condition. I visited the hotel in 2016 and 2019.

Built 1902
Abandoned 1996
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