GSSD Kaserne Möhlau

An abandoned military site in

The visible part of this complex, the imposing GSSD Kaserne Möhlau, was disguised as a service complex for a shooting range located nearby. In fact, it served a bunker complex, known as ‘Redut’ or В\Ч 24382.

The buildings were simple yet sturdy brick buildings, likely constructed in the 1950s. Despite their unassuming exterior, these structures bore hidden gems of Soviet artistry. Vivid murals and reliefs depicting the valor of Lenin and the Red Army, a testament to the communist ideology that drove their mission.

Guarding the entrance to the barracks was a solemn guard house, leading to accommodations ranging from modest soldier quarters to spacious officer apartments. Adjacent buildings housed administrative offices, a theater, and facilities for communication and engineering units.


Behind the barracks sprawled the vast bunker complex known as ‘Redut’, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. This subterranean labyrinth, reportedly the largest constructed by Soviet forces in Germany, housed critical command posts and communication centers. Though its main entrance has long since vanished, the remnants of its colossal structure still hint at its former significance.

After the withdrawal of Soviet forces, Möhlau’s military town found new life as a refugee camp, providing shelter to hundreds until as recently as 2012. Today, this once-bustling hub stands eerily deserted, its underground passages rumored to have been demolished. Yet, amid the overgrown foliage and crumbling edifices, echoes of a bygone era linger, inviting intrepid explorers to unravel its enigmatic past. I visited the complex in 2020. Follow this link for more abandoned military sites.

Built 1950
Abandoned 1992 + 2012
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