Professor Reinhold Dahlmann Schule


The Professor Reinhold Dahlmann Schule is an abandoned school in Chemnitz. The oldest part was built in 1882 and will be reconverted soon to a residential quarter.

The main building of this school at Markersdorfer Straße 91 was built in 1882. The horseshoe-shaped school complex consisted of a main building with an entrance tower. It was used by the Max-und-Moritz Grundschule.

The building was given its present dimensions between 1927 and 1929, when an extension was built with a gym and changing rooms.
In 1984, the Altchemnitz auxiliary school moved here. The focus was on the education of deaf children. The name was given to the respected auxiliary school teacher Reinhold Dahlmann. He was committed to helping particularly needy schoolchildren. After the Second World War, he played a key role in the development of the special education system in the DDR.

Even after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, the school continued to operate. In 1995 there were still 230 pupils here, six years later there were still 165. However, 2003 turns out to be the last school year in the building with the small turret. Since September 01, 2004, the rooms are officially empty. In the following year, the city of Chemnitz finally began looking for possible buyers for the site.
In 2022 GRK Group acquires former school site in Chemnitz. They intend to revitalize the site and put it to a new use as a residential quarter. I visited the old school in 2020.

Built 1882
Abandoned 2004
Reconverted 2023
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