Filature Boussac


Filature Boussac is an abandoned textile factory in Nomexy, a city in the north of France.

In 1895, industrialist Victor Peters established the weaving mill. By 1918, Marcel Boussac had joined as a partner and subsequently took over as director in 1922, leading to continuous production growth.

Following the Second World War, the mill housed 852 CRK4-looms from the Dietrich company. In the 1970s, significant investments were made, including the purchase of nearly 250 MAV weaving machines, also known as flying needle machines, produced by SACM in Mulhouse. These were eventually replaced with high-performance machines from Nuovo-Pignone and Somet looms, some equipped with double rollers.

King of Cotton

The products of the factory were all used for clothing. The textiles were in general sold to big brands. The quality and the know-how in this factory were famous. In fact, this was one of the reasons why Boussac was called the ‘King of Cotton’. In spite of this, the textile factory closed its doors on March 31, 2003.

I visited Filature Boussac in 2017. See also the other Boussac factory I visited that year here.

Built 1895
Abandoned 2003
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