RTT Lessive


An old postcard from RTT Lessive

This is the site of the former RTT in Lessive. A site with six dish antennas. The six hectares site lies in a 50 hectare forest in the Belgium Ardennes. It was built in 1972 to receive information from satellites. It was also a museum about communication. At the height of its attendance, the RTT domain saw 150.000 visitors per year. The largest dish, which is 37 meters in diameter, had been sold in 2007 to the Indian group ORG. They wanted to use satellite dishes to broadcast the Indian satellite TV channel to Africa. The group went bankrupt in 2015. Also the Belgium Satellite Services that managed the infrastructure went bankrupt in 2016, leaving the site abandoned.

The RTT was sold in 2018, today the site is back in use again. The new owner wants to start a school with alternative education here including a rest home of 100 beds and about 50 bungalows.

The photos of RTT Lessive were taken in 2017. Also check this other Belgium astronomy station and this Polish park.

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