Charbonnage de Forte-Taille

Built: 1875

Abandoned: 1935

Visited: 2008

Montigny-le-Tilleul, Belgium

In this area, the first coal was extracted as early as 1755, they used open mines and didn’t go deep in the ground. In 1865 the first underground mine was dug, to reach the lower coal levels.

The history of this mine is not a happy one. Two times there were accidents were people died underground. In 1920 there were 12 miners killed by a mine gas blast. About 10 years later another 5 died at a depth of 850 meter for the same reason. The mine, with one of the deepest pits in Europe, closed in 1935. The site was sold to a container company. Several years ago the site was abandoned. In 2002 the head frames were demolished and all that remains of that old building in disrepair. Today the city is owner of Charbonnage de Forte-Taille. But there are no plans for the near future.

Photos Charbonnage de Forte-Taille

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