Castello Nuovo di Rovasenda

Built: 1925

Abandoned: 2005

Visited: 2010


This abandoned castle looks like it was built in medieval times, but it is actually not that old. It was built in the 1920’s after example of the old Rovasenda Castle, situated 100 meters down the road. The original castle was built in 1170 by Alberto di Rovasenda. Many generations later the heirs were in a family dispute to own the castle, after count Luigi Casimiro di Rovasenda discovered that he was not a direct descendant of Alberto di Rovasenda. The count promised the castle to his fiancée, who threatened to leave him in case he did not get the castle. Then the count asked the important Turin architect Carlo Nigra to design a new castle, identical to the other. It was built just outside the village, complete with many fresco’s and beautifully painted walls and ceilings.

Photos Castello Nuovo di Rovasenda

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