Villa Porro Lambertenghi


‘Villa Porro Lambertenghi’ is a historic villa located south of the town Cassina Rizzardi, in the province of Como. The villa was abandoned in 1978 and is in a bad state today.

The Lambertenghi family lived here from the fourteenth century. They were a rich family of the Lombard aristocracy. Parts of the current castle were probably built in the the 17th Century. During the year 1815, Count Luigi Porro Lambertenghi had an experimental steam spinning mill in Cassina Rizzardi. As a result he spend many days in this princely villa. He was a known patriot, entrepreneur and politician.

During the First World War the last descendant of the family donated the Villa to the Province after he died. Until the 1970s the elegant residence was used as a nursing home for disabled people. Later the villa was used for social purposes, it hosted a social-educational center and a vocational school.

Today, the eighteenth-century residence, still owned by the Province, is completely abandoned. The last user left in 1978.

The old abandoned villa in Italy is a protected site, but the building is in a bad shape and there is no money to restore it to its old glory. Today it’s reduced to a ruin, robbed of everything that could have any value, ruined by time and total neglect. To prevent further damage they built a big roof over the part of the building where the original roof has collapsed. I visited ‘Villa Porro’ in 2010. Follow this link for more abandoned villas.

Built 1820
Abandoned 1978
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