Sanitaria Ceschina & C

Built: 1902

Abandoned: 1988

Visited: 2010


This old factory hidden in the woods in Italy made sanitary items. Most buildings are heavily decayed and even collapsed. The machines are still there, but covered in rust, moss and plants. It was established in 1907 by the 28 year old Luigi Gaetano Ceschina. The factory was formed by various plants, each dedicated to one stage of the process: the spinning and weaving, bleaching, finishing and packaging of products.

During the World Wars there was a high demand for sanitary items for army and the Red Cross. The factory was run by the three sons of the first owner who died in 1960. One of the sons is killed by the maffia, after the family paid a ransom of 400 million Lire. After the last son died in 1988, the factory closes.

Photos Sanitaria Ceschina & C

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