Baronie-De Heer Chocolade


‘Baronie-De Heer Chocolade’ was an abandoned chocolate factory in Alphen aan de Rijn. The company has introduced many different chocolate products on the Dutch market. The most famous products are the Easter eggs and the Cherry Liqour pralines.

The ‘Baronie’ brand has a rich tradition in chocolate products. The factory is founded in Schiedam in 1920 by BArents, ROth en NIEwenhuis. A major fire destroys Baronie’s premises in 1951. Production is transferred elsewhere for five years. During that time this factory was built, just outside the city Alphen aan de Rijn.

In 1982 ‘Baronie’ bought competitor ‘De Heer’, creating the ‘Baronie-De Heer Chocolade’ company. ‘De Heer’ was already active in the chocolate business in 1896. Both brands are still on the market today.


Today the ‘Baronie Group‘ not only produces its own brands Baronie and De Heer, but also many house brands of supermarkets and department stores. The group has grown into one of the largest chocolate producers in the Netherlands and Belgium and also plays a prominent role internationally. During the years the company took over Tjoklat Schokolade, Continental Schokolade, Rademaker, the German Stollwerck, Kathy and Duc d’O.

The factory in Alphen aan de Rijn was closed in 2001. Production was moved to Rotterdam. The old factory got abandoned and for several years nothing happened here. In 2005 there was a big fire inside the building and a part got demolished. In 2007 the grounds are bought by Zeeman textiles. I made these photos in 2007.

Built 1956
Abandoned 2001
Demolished 2007

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