Timmerfabriek De Schelde


‘Timmerfabriek De Schelde’ was used as a carpenter factory for the ‘Royal Schelde Group’ established in 1875 in the city center of Vlissingen.

This factory was built in 1914 by the ‘Hollandsche Maatschappij tot het Maken van Werken in Gewapend Beton’ based in Den Haag. The building consists of a concrete-framed construction with roof lights that gives a magnificent light inside the factory. The factory made wooden pieces for the ships exterior and interior. Especially the passenger ships of the Rotterdamsche Lloyd made before the Second World War had many wooden decorations.


During the 1950s the factory was scaled down, several years later the factory closed. The building was used several years as warehouse of the shipyard. During the 1990s the factory became abandoned and nobody took care of the building. It took a lot of money to restore the old carpenter factory, but thanks to European funds the factory was restored in 2010.

More photos of the abandoned Schelde shipyard here. Also check other Schelde buildings on my website: BedrijfsschoolZware Plaatwerkerij and Machinefabriek. I visited the Timmerfabriek in 2002, 2004 and 2007. Apart from some cultural events they did not find a final use for the building yet.

Built 1914
Abandoned 1994
Reconverted 2010
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