Couvent de Gensterbloem

Built: 1908

Abandoned: 2002

Visited: 2009 + 2016

Hombourg, Belgium

In 1875 the Congregation of the Franciscan sisters, fleeing the Kulturkampf in Germany, moved to this site, owned by the Count of Bourcieu Montereux. During that time the land and outbuildings cover more than one hectare. In 1908, the owner bequeaths his property to the Franciscan sisters. They erected a chapel dedicated to St Antoine in March 1910. The other buildings were used as a Catholic school. After the First World War, the dormitories are transformed into comfortable rooms for elderly couples or single people. Gensterbloem housed 38 residents.

Agnus Dei

In September 2002, the sisters left the place and moved to a bigger and more modern building. The property, now known as Agnus Dei among urban explorers, is then sold. A few weeks later, a violent fire partly destroyed the premises. Since then, the buildings are in a very bad state. The roof is gone and floors are rotten. There are no other plans than let the buildings rot away.

Photos Couvent de Gensterbloem

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