Sanatório Infantil


This abandoned building is ‘Sanatório Infantil’. It is an old children’s sanatorium that was built in the late 1930s in a small town in Portugal.

The Grand Opening took place in 1940. Later, in 1948, it was renamed ‘Sanatório António Tapia’. In fact, the Sanatório Infantil was built for the treatment of children suffering from tuberculosis. This disease is very contagious, so the children were isolated from their families and friends for a long time.

The town was famous for its sanatoria. Caramulo housed many health resorts because of the fresh air. Most of the buildings were built by the famous local lung doctor Jerónimo Lacerda. This town had unique infrastructures in the country, such as piped water in the houses, sewage network, waste collection and own electricity network.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese government owns the abandoned buildings. But the beautiful building is in a very bad state. The most compelling evidence are the floors that have collapsed due to weather influences. Nevertheless, there are no future plans for the sanatorium.

The photos from Sanatório Infantil were shot in 2018. More Portuguese sanatoria here, here and here.

Built in 1939
Abandoned in 2000