Wasserwerk Zaschwitz


This is the abandoned waterworks ‘Wasserwerk Zaschwitz’. It was used to treating and purifying water before it is pumped into pipes for distribution into the local network.

Before 1925, the citizens of the surrounding communities supplied themselves with drinking water from so-called house wells. After that year, the first water networks are installed. This water plant is relatively small. There is surprisingly little to see besides many pipes, tanks, and switch boxes.

The waterworks is a facility for the treatment and provision of drinking water, the water is transported via pipes from the spring tapping to the waterworks. The raw water is converted into safe drinking water in two treatment steps. Firstly, iron and manganese are filtered out, then the pH value of the pure water is brought to a stable level in the intermediate storage.

Inside the control room, the distribution of the drinking water in the pipe network is controlled and monitored.

Today the site is abandoned, other waterworks have taken over. I visited the old plant in 2019.

Built 1960s
Abandoned 2015
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