Wasserwerk Zaschwitz


Explore the abandoned waterworks ‘Wasserwerk Zaschwitz’. Hidden among the overgrown foliage Wasserwerk Zaschwitz stands as a silent witness to a bygone era. This abandoned waterworks, nestled in the heart of the countryside, once played a vital role in supplying clean drinking water to the surrounding communities. Let’s delve into the history and secrets of this forgotten gem.

Before 1925, the citizens of the nearby villages relied on individual house wells for their water needs. However, as the population grew and industrialization took hold, the demand for a more efficient water supply system became evident. In response, Wasserwerk Zaschwitz was established—the first step toward a modern water network.

The water journey

Despite its relatively small size, Wasserwerk Zaschwitz housed an intricate system of pipes, tanks, and control rooms. The water journey began at a spring tapping located nearby. Raw water flowed through pipes into the waterworks, carrying with it impurities and minerals. Firstly, the water underwent rigorous filtration processes to remove iron and manganese. These minerals, though naturally occurring, could affect the taste and quality of the water. Secondly, the pH value of the purified water was carefully adjusted to ensure stability. This step was crucial for safe consumption.

Control room

Within the waterworks, a control room buzzed with activity. Operators monitored the distribution of drinking water throughout the pipe network. Their vigilant eyes ensured that every household received a steady flow of clean water.

Today, Wasserwerk Zaschwitz lies abandoned. Its machinery rusts, and nature reclaims the buildings. The once-bustling control room now echoes with silence. Other, more modern waterworks have taken over the responsibility of quenching the community’s thirst.

In 2019, I stepped into this time capsule. The air smelled of dampness and decay, yet there was a strange allure—an invitation to explore the past. As I wandered through the corridors, I imagined the water flowing, the valves turning, and the operators diligently performing their duties.

Built 1960s
Abandoned 2015
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