Urbex gear

cameras – tripods – flashlights

Good urbex gear is important. Not only you need good photography gear, a flashlight, tripod and other tools are essential. Here is a list of equipment i use.


If you want to shoot stills or video, a good camera is one of the most important tools. The good thing is: there are no bad cameras. Its not the camera, only you can make your photos better. Better invest in a good tripod and a wide-angle lens.

I started photographing with an analogue Nikon F50. But my first urbex shoot was with a small Pentax compact camera. In 2005 I bought my first proper digital reflex camera, the D70 from Nikon. I replaced that camera in 2008 with a Nikon D300, which was replaced by the Nikon D700, my first full frame camera.

I had a Nikon D800 for a short time, but i sold it to buy the Nikon D750 in 2015. A fantastic camera. In 2020 I switched to the Nikon Z-series. The mirrorless camera is much lighter, also the lenses are lighter and smaller. Recent photos are taken with the Nikon Z6.

I also use other cameras on my trips. I had the Fuji X100 and X70, but today I always take my Sony RX100 V from 2017. It’s a nice small camera that gives professional results. The best thing: it fits in my pocket!


Good lenses are important when you want to have good photos. If you shoot handheld, go for a f/2.8 lens. I always shoot from a tripod, so I’m happy with my f/4.0 lens.

On my Nikon Z-series I use the Nikkor 14-30mm f/4.0 and I use the Irix 11mm f/4.0 for extreme wide-angle shots. On my D750, I mainly used the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8.

Other equipment

To take proper photos you need a tripod. I have a Sirui carbon tripod. You also need a good flashlight to find your way in dark places. Today you can buy many good led-flaslights.

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