Lausitzer Keramik – Werk III


This is ‘Werk III’ of the ‘Lausitzer Keramik’ company. This pottery was built in 1912 in Königsbrück as ‘Tonwarenfabrik Heinrich & Klemm’.

This is an old pottery hidden on an old industrial park that is taken aback by nature. I found this little factory, half collapsed, hidden by trees along an old railway. It has changed owner and name several times. In 1930, it was named ‘Keramische Werke Ufer & Co.’ However, it was later sold to Alfred Dietze, who owned the pottery until the 1970s.

Various ceramic products were made. From tableware and flower pots to bowls and pitchers. In 1970 the company became state-owned and got the name ‘Keramische Werke Königsbrück’. Three years later, the company is taken over by Otto Piesche, owner of another big pottery. The factory is renamed Lausitzer Keramik Kamenz, werk III Königsbrück’. It was one of the four factories of the newly formed company. From 1972 to 1984 Florian Piesche, the son of Otto Piesche, was the manager of the entire ‘VEB Lausitzer Keramik‘.

In the 1970s it had its heyday, but it all ended after the iron curtain fell. The factory closed in 1990. I took these photos of ‘König Keramik Werk’ in 2014. Also check this other pottery in Portugal.

Built 1912
Abandoned 1990
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