Seniorenbetreuungseinrichtung Am See


This old folks home named ‘Seniorenbetreuungseinrichtung Am See’ situated in Germany, used to be military grounds.

The site was built in 1936, at that time there was a military barrage balloon unit stationed here. However, at the start of the Second World War it was transformed into a training department for medical personnel. Until the end of the Second World War, the buildings were also as a hospital. Shortly after the end of the war, 16 of the 38 buildings were destroyed. The remaining ones were used as a hospital from 1946 onwards.

Nursing home

Eventually, in 1948 the nursing home was set up. Therefore, extra buildings were built on the site from 1956 to 1958. Meanwhile, up to 1200 elderly and dependent people were accommodated in the nursing home. Unfortunately, the buildings were getting worse and worse. In 1990, there were still around 600 people who lived here under the worst possible conditions. The Prime Minister of the DDR, Lothar de Maizière visited the nursing home to find out about the bad situations.

During 2003 the barracks were demolished, while several health institutions bought the remaining buildings. Eventually, the site was completely abandoned in 2010. I visited ‘Seniorenbetreuungseinrichtung Am See’ in 2016.

Built 1936
Abandoned 2010