NVA Schwimmhalle Löbau


Explore theNVA Schwimmhalle Löbau, an abandoned military swimming pool to train cadets of the Jägerkaserne in Löbau. It was part of the military school that was housed here. The pool was abandoned after 20 years of use.

The military indoor swimming pool was constructed in 1975. It was part of a large military complex named Jägerkaserne. The military site was established in 1912.

The Jägerkaserne, established in 1912, boasts a rich history. Post-1933, the Jägerkaserne barracks underwent reconstruction and expansion. Starting in 1935, the Wehrmacht utilized these barracks to train recruits for a reserve army. Following Second World War, the NVA, or Nationale Volksarmee, the army of the DDR, assumed control. In 1963, various officer schools for different branches of the NVA’s land forces were consolidated and stationed in Löbau. During the Cold War, the military village was further expanded with the addition of several new buildings.

The military swimming pool served not just soldiers and officers but was also open to the public at designated times. Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, it was abandoned in 1995. Subsequently, vandalism and the elements have heavily deteriorated the pool’s interior, turning it into a haven for urban explorers.

I explored the Schwimmhalle Löbau in 2016 on an East German road trip. See more abandoned pools here, here and here.

Built 1975
Abandoned 1995