Rusthuis voor Bejaarden Sint-Antonius

Built: 1885

Abanodened: 2006

Demolished: 2009

Visited: 2007

Grembergen, Belgium

In 1863 the first buildings were built on this site, a monastery with a girls school. Both were demolished in 1884. A kindergarden was built in 1871 and demolished after 100 years of use. The buildings I explored were built on the grounds of the old monastery. This new building, a monastery for the order ‘Zusters Kindsheids Jesu’ and orphanage became later, in 1951, a home for the old aged of the village. The nuns became the nurses of the rest-home.


The front building has many small rooms along the beautiful hallways. At the second floor there is an entrance to the church that was built in 1901. To bad it was locked during our visit. These buildings are touched by time, but are not vandalized. The back of the building is in a bad state, the kitchen and technical department are ruined by the weather and lack of upkeep.


Since the buildings have been abandoned, the nurses live in a special part of the new rest-home, just a couple of meters further down the road. The site was demolished in 2009.

Photos Rusthuis voor Bejaarden Sint-Antonius

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