De Zijpe


In 1988 this ferry named ‘Zijpe’ had his last departure between the Dutch harbors Zijpe and Anna Jacobapolder. It was sold to the city of Antwerpen in 1988, but never taken in use.

The last 20 years the boat has been rotting away in Antwerpen, waiting for a new owner. In 2008 the boat was sold and there were plans to reconvert the ferry. But at the same day the documents were signed, the boat sank 6 meters deep in the harbor of Antwerp.

In the early years the boat was set to work as a ferry in het Hollands Diep under the name ‘Willemsdorp’. After the Moerdijk bridges were build the ferry was moved to Kruiningen. In 1953 during the flood disaster in Holland, the boat was taken by the flood and got stuck 3 kilometers inland. In 1972 the engine of the steam driven ferry was replaced by a fuel engine and also the housing was replaced. The name was changed to ‘Zijpe’ and the ferry was moored in this village to do his service between Zijpe and Anna Jacobapolder. After three attempts the sunken ship was brought to the surface again. One week later the ship was demolished by a demolition firm in Gent. I photographed the ferry in 2007.


1930 – 1936 Willemsdorp – Moerdijk, until opening Moerdijkbrug
1936 – 1945 Shut down
1945 – 1948 Willemsdorp – Moerdijk ( Moerdijkbrug bombed in the WWII)
1948 – 1988 Anna Jacobapolder – Zijpe, until opening Philipsdam
1988 – 2007 Sold to Antwerpen for a ferry service that never started.
2008 demolished.

Thanks to W. Langes and Willem J.J. Boot

Built 1930
Abandoned 1988
Demolished 2008
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