Pensionnat Catholique de Fénétrange

Built: 1937

Abandoned: 2001

Visited: 2013

Fénétrange, France

This large building of ‘Pensionnat Catholique de Fénétrange’ was built as a catholic boarding school for girls. The school was built in 1937, replacing a smaller school on the same site. The history of the old boarding school dates back to 1825. In 1920 the building became too small with hundred students and a new building is planned. So the construction of the building began in 1936. The chapel was completed in 1939.


During the Second World War the school was occupied by the German army, until the allied forces took the building and gave it back to the city. The school returned to its intended use and was expanded many times. In 1956-57, an additional wing was built. The institution reached its peak with 480 students in 1959, 525 in 1973 to 626 in 1974. The number of students signing up gradually started to decline. The school finally closed in 2001. Its vast corridors, gymnasium, mess rooms, countless classrooms, dormitories and chapels, inaccessible to the public, are now immersed in an impressive silence.

Photos Pensionnat Catholique de Fénétrange

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